Welson Sim’s Road to Rio 2016

Author: Sun Paradise Editorial Team

Date: 2017-03-19

Welson Sim’s Road to Rio 2016


Many athletes make a mark in the sporting world but few make indelible marks. To be among the world’s best is an accolade few possess. One of Malaysia’s most celebrated athletes is presently Welson Sim – swimmer extraordinaire, who made history by being the first Malaysian to qualify for 2 events in the same Olympics and under category A.

Category A is reserved for the world’s 16 fastest swimmers and where Welson proudly qualified for the 200m and 400m freestyle events. This gives you a clear idea of his gladiatorial prowess in the sport of swimming.

It has been a hectic and fruitful year for Welson thus far. He has been breaking national records “like nobody’s business” and today is national record holder for 200m, 400m and 800m Freestyle. Moreover he is part of the relay record holder team for the 4x100 and 4x200 freestyle relay events.

In tracing his progress, it’s hard to miss the giant leaps for this young man who hailed from Sarawak - the same boy from SJK Chung Hua No. 5 in Kuching who depicted iron-clad determination while working hard at his dreams. Only back in 2013 he had showed his mettle at the international stage with his wins at the Asian Schools Games in Macau with Asia’s best teenage swimmers competing. This followed with the SEA Games at Singapore where he grabbed gold with a meet record for the 400m freestyle.

At the Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championship earlier this year, he shocked the swimming fraternity by clocking the world’s 15th. fastest time for 200m freestyle which also earned him another spot in the Olympics. He had earlier on qualified for the 400m freestyle event. Both met Category A qualifying times. These culminated in a congratulatory Twitter message from the Malaysian Prime Minister.

To ready for this year’s Rio Olympics Welson attended training camp in Australia and recently made a tour of Europe for swimming where he competed and won silver at the Mare Nostrum Circuit while pitted against some of Europe’s best swimmers. En route to Rio for the Summer Olympics he is due to partake in a 10-day training stint in Florida mainly for the purpose of acclimatisation. Let’s hope he finds some time to visit Disney World.

Looking back, Welson learned to swim when he was 10 and before a decade he has turned out to be among the world’s fastest swimmers. Note-worthily, a talent-scouting Chinese coach spotted him no more than a few months into his swimming lessons and lured him into competitive swimming. Curiously, he had thought he would give it a try and if he could not be competitive he would just leave. Such innocence of thought spurred a precious peek into his affinity to soon enough become what he is today. It’s hard to deny that we can now easily realize that Welson is born for swimming – among other purposes. With film star looks and steely determination, he surely is every mother’s dream. With his athletic prowess, he’s easily every coach’s dream too.

So we gratefully wish Welson as well as team mate Phee Jinq En and other Malaysian athletes the very best for the 2016 Rio Olympics and hope they would motivate others in realizing their dreams of competing among the world’s best. May they bring glory to our country!