Advent of the Arena Freestyle Breather Kit

Author: Sun Paradise Editorial Team

Date: 2017-03-19

Advent of the Arena Freestyle Breather Kit


Brace yourselves for the advent of the Arena Freestyle Breather Kit. It is here! A milestone in the design technology for training aids, the Freestyle Breather Kit has been created to markedly assist you in your breathing technique during freestyle swim practice.

Made of 100% polypropylene, this marvel of a breather kit reduces the opportunity for water to enter your nose and mouth while training freestyle. It intelligently creates a larger air pocket to allow you to breathe more freely. It also guides your head to help make you feel the water/air interface way better. These culminate to decidedly help improve your freestyle swim technique.

The Freestyle Breather Kit makes it easier for young swimmers to master breathing during freestyle swims. The Freestyle Breather Jr set which comes with goggles and breather has been specifically designed for smaller faces. Besides engineered to reduce water inhalation, it also improves head alignment.