VITO occasionally offers discount vouchers or promotional voucher code to our customers as a token of appreciation. The benefits are percentage discount, price reduction, promotion rebates, purchase with purchase (PWP) or even free gifts. One voucher code is eligible for one purchase, i.e. customers cannot use multiple voucher code for a single purchase, even if the purchase contains multiple products.

How do I use my vouchers?

Vouchers can only be used during checkout.

  1. During Checkout step, you will find a voucher code box in the My Cart page (on the right side of the page).
  2. Enter the voucher code into the Voucher Code box and click "Use Voucher"
  3. A corresponding response for the voucher code applied will be shown in the total amount.

Please note that you need to log in to your account in order to use your voucher code. Make sure to check if the voucher code has been applied to your purchase before submitting the order. Also take note that every different voucher code has different Terms & Conditions attached to it, i.e. minimum spending for a certain percentage discount or purchase certain product in order to get free gifts.

Also note that vouchers sometimes have a minimum purchase spending associated to them, and as such might cause your code to be invalid depending on the size of your shopping cart

You can use only use 1 VOUCHER/ VOUCHER CODE per transaction.

How long does my voucher valid?

It varies. Please see expiration date shown on the voucher. You can refer to the Terms & Conditions of the voucher code for the expiration date. If you receive a voucher code via email, the expiry date of the vouchers/ voucher codes will be indicated in the email. The validity starts from the day you were notified that you have received a voucher.

Why do I receive message saying my voucher is invalid?

Please check if your voucher expiry date is still valid or if the required minimum purchase spend is reached.