Arena 50th Anniversary

on March 16, 2023

2023 will be the 50th anniversary of the arena brand. The arena was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary thanks to the “en-en-” of those who have supported it until now. It is a brand created by many users, including athletes.The 2023 spring/summer season will focus on the logo when the brand was launched in 1973, the authentic tricolor color, and the blue gold color that combines the gold that creates celebration with the classic arena blue.


1970s  In 1973, the “Arena” brand was born as a competitive swimwear brand in France. The design of the arena team line is a symbolic design of the arena that has continued since the 1970.   

1980s  The classic "SUPER FLY BACK" cutting. The unique cutting around the legs allowed more freedom of movement, and at the time, it was an advanced form of women's swimwear.


1990s The "STRUSH" series was born in the 1990s. By attaching a special silicone sheet to the fabric on the surface of the swimwear, the swimwear aims to regulate the flow of water and reduce the vibration and water resistance that turbulence exerts on the edges of the swimwear.

2000s Swimwear named "aile-bleue" born in 2004. Inspired by the kingfisher, which never misses the target prey, it was developed with a focus on reducing running water resistance and water performance. Many players, including the Japanese national team, wore it.

2010s The latest model of the arena top racing swimsuit “ULTIMATE AQUAFORCE X” ARENA BISHAMON and ARENA DIAMONDS collection announced in 2019 also adopted a global common design. In 2023, the 50th anniversary limited color will also be released!

2023s In 2023, it will be 50 years since the arena brand was born. The arena was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary thanks to the “en-en-” of those who have supported it until now.


Last update: March 22, 2023