Arena Freestyle Breather Kit

Brand: Arena
Product Code: AGS640-SMK
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Arena Freestyle Breather Kit

The Freestyle Breather Kit is a special pair of goggles fitted with removable sheets that make it easier to breathe while swimming.

Its ergonomic structure follows movement
When swimming freestyle, swimmers breathe by rotating their heads laterally to raise their mouths out of the water. This movement, performed in conjunction with the stroke, can produce a great deal of splashing. For less expert swimmers, the reaction to these splashes can be to rotate the head too far, which can result in a loss of proper body alignment. By wearing the Freestyle Breather kit as you practice, the two sheets will prevent splashes from reaching your nose and mouth; this is because they were designed specifically to create a sack of air in the water that favors deeper, more effective, and correct breathing. The result? The mouth and nose will be fully protected, thereby supporting bilateral breathing, which will become a simple motion even for those who are not very adept freestyle swimmers.


• Training aid for freestyle swimming
• Keeps water channeled away from nose when surfacing for breath
• Attachable to most goggles
• Secure fit and comfortable silicone eye cups
• Anti-fog coated lens
• Adjustable silicone straps
• Wide field of vision
• UV coated lens


Silicone; Polycarbonate


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